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Motion Pictures

I'm a Self-shooting DoP, member of the Portuguese Society of Cinematographers (AIP). I have extensive Feature Film drama experience. I can lead your crew to make the best out of the location, lighting, and camera angle. I have studio, green screen, and VP experience.


I have a low-budget-friendly MOVIE Equipment kit to turn your vision into reality with a Netflix-approved RED HELIUM 8K  Prime Lenses and grip as well as Indy-friendly lighting that can be powered from the mains. Let's make something amazing.

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As a Cinematographer I strive to deliver the frames that will connect with the audience and enhance the story. I create visuals that enhance the characters' journey, unifying the film in one consistent body of work.

NETFLIX- APPROVED RED HELIUM 8K,  4K Sony FS7, 4K Sony A7iv, 4K Sony a6400, DJI Drone.
Matte Boxes, follow focus, director's monitor, handheld gear.

linear polarizer, NDs, grads, and beauty filters


Zooms: Canon L 24-105, Sony G 18-105, Tamron 28-75 f2.8

Aputure 4x4LEDs, 60d, 100d and 200x. ARRI 150 and 800.

wireless mics, sound mixer kit , boom mic and pole, and audio recorder.

Tripods, jib , DJI Ronin, 24 ft Tracking Dolly, Motorised Slider.

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